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Born in 1954, Hywel has heard voices since approximately 1965.

He was educated in Milford Haven in Pembrokeshire and at Stonehouse in Gloucestershire.

He is a Combined Honours Graduate of French and Spanish from Birmingham University.

He possesses a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from Aberystwyth University.

A retired teacher and lecturer of Spanish, he was labelled by psychiatry as a “schizophrenic” in 1983.

His development of mental health problems as a teacher led eventually to being involved in the mental health voluntary sector as a volunteer in Pembrokeshire and elsewhere.

He founded Mind Pembrokeshire, the Pembrokeshire Hearing Voices Group and Hearing Voices Network Cymru.

He regards voice hearers as saints, prophets, shaman, gurus and/or geniuses. Or the potential for such.

Interests: Faith and spirituality, hearing voices, lived experience

More About Hywel

“I take ownership of my experience and feel content.

I have been a voice hearer since the age of about eleven.

I was labelled by psychiatry in a certain way in 1983.

However, I think that reincarnation, astrology and complementary therapies can help society in the 21st century.

I may be right in terms of what I think. I may be wrong.

Miguel Unamuno, the 20th century Spanish philosopher said that a religion that does not doubt itself is not a religion. Similarly, a man who does not doubt himself is not a man. A woman who does not doubt herself is not a woman.

I am recovered, a traumatized good.

A principal lesson from my experience is to encourage voice hearers to talk and share experiences.”  

Hywel Davies


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