Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017

Father was a “schizo”.

Know I am no doubt.

Jesus Christ Almighty.

I whisper when I shout.


Mother and her sister

Possessed two fathers fair.

Knowledge of that secret

Did traumatize my hair.


Forgive my bad mistakes,

O Jesus of the

Red rag to a Bull


Never trust the Welshies

Who fart at ten to three.

Mischievous by nature.

They pee upon the tree.


The Welshies like to lie

To see what one will say.

Cymru is a nation

Of life, love and decay.


Do not talk to Taffies.



Forgiveness is the greatest gift
Bestowed upon the earth.
It allows transfiguration
And the greatest rebirth.

Yr Anialwch

Ble mae’r anialwch ?
Nid yng Nghymru fach.

The Wilderness (translation)

Where is the wilderness ?
Not in sweet Wales.

La Vierge Marie

Ou se trouve la consequence de mon amour,monsieur ?
Elle se trouve partout, Ma Dame.

Virgin Mary (translation)

Where is the consequence of my love,sir ?
It is found everywhere, My Lady.

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